2013 Potter Valley Riesling

Botrytis, a.k.a. “noble rot,” is very typical and largely expected of great Rieslings around the world. Despite the droughty farming conditions this year, we still saw enough fog and humidity in Potter Valley to promote a minor amount of Botrytis growth on the Riesling – just how we like it. The shape of the canopy of the vines is largely responsible for this: canes arch toward the ground and trap a lot of that humid air around the fruit causing a greenhouse-like effect. The small amount of resulting Botrytis is just what we want to see as it yields some lovely apricot and earthy tones in the wine.

vintage weather

2013, much like 2012, was a wonderful year for cultivating Riesling. With a warm, even growing season free of any challenging weather, our grower in Potter Valley once again delivered excellent quality fruit. The warm and dry spring caused the buds to push earlier than usual, which worked in our favor as it allowed for a longer-than-average growing season that resulted in great flavor development. This vineyard site, combined with cellar practices that have been fine-tuned over 42 years, yields a delicate and beautifully balanced wine that is loaded with nuance.

tasting notes

Bright and pale gold in color, this Riesling shows a rich collection of floral and fruit aromas ranging from honeysuckle and citrus blossom to charentais melon, banana, apricot and mandarin orange.  These aromas are enriched by hints of clove and butterscotch.  The palate entry is smooth and juicy with good weight and balanced acid throughout.  Fruit-driven flavors of citrus, apricot, pear and tropical star fruit are complemented by notes of clove, allspice and freshly baked bread.  These all lead to a fresh, crisp, and mouthwatering finish that will keep you coming back for another sip.

If you enjoy oysters, the bright fruit and touch of residual sugar should pair beautifully with Kumamotos.

Purchase Price $25.00
Harvest Date October 4th and 5th, 2013
Sugar At Harvest 25.4º
Bottling Date March 2014
Release Date August 2014
Alcohol 13.6%