2005 Potter Valley Riesling

Potter Valley is the source for our Riesling because it is a growing region with similar characteristics to the grape’s Northern European origins. Riesling is not well adapted to warmer climates, which are more appropriate for Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, because under those conditions it has a tendency to grow too vigorously and ripen too early. Potter Valley’s moderate days and cool nights allow the grape to ripen slowly, and to develop mature flavors without excessive sugar and alcohol levels. And, happily for us, it turns out that 2005 was an ideal vintage.

Riesling's delicacy makes it an interesting challenge for winemakers. Careful handling is essential. As the fruit comes in we carefully press the grapes one of two ways: either by whole cluster to achieve delicacy and avoid bitterness; or by crush and de-stem to enhance the variety's spicy nose and fruit flavors. The juice is then settled for clarity prior to fermentation to avoid any vegetal notes. Following this we put it through a slow, cool fermentation in stainless steel to add complexity, and to bring the maximum amount of fruit forward in the developing wine. It seems like such a simple wine to make, but actually it requires precision winemaking techniques worthy of this noble variety.

vintage weather

tasting notes

The wine has a nice bright yellow gold color, exceptional for the usually pale Riesling. The nose is a delicate blend of honeysuckle, white melon, and mild tropical star fruit. There is also a refreshing, and simply very inviting, scent of fine Riesling - the way just a hint of a perfume is often most appealing. In the mouth there are perfectly refined, carefully balanced fresh fruit flavors, good structure, and a crisp refreshing acidity. It finishes bright and fresh, very likeable and sprightly on the palate. Enjoy this wine at your patio or pool in spring and summer, or next winter for a perfect après-ski lift.

Harvest Date October 19 & 20, 2005
Bottling Date March 2006
Release Date Summer 2006